Consulting Menu of Services

• Confirm The Securities Group and representatives are registered in the state of the offering
• Begin assisting the client by preparing and providing the Private Placement and Escrow Agreement
• Work in conjunction with client executives and their attorneys in reviewing the Private Offering Memorandum
• Establish financing options for prospective investors with local banks
• Issue and deliver Private Offering Memorandum to prospective investors

During Private Offering
• Establish relationships with local administration and/or outside consultants with whom TSG will be working during the offering
• Review the Private Offering Memorandum with prospective investors
• Determine the suitability of each prospective investor
• Collect suitability package, investment funds and deposit funds promptly in escrow account
• Serve as a liaison between local administration and prospective investors by communicating concerns/issues as they arise
• Provide weekly/bi-monthly reports of investor activity

• Review and approve paperwork and send to client for execution and closing of the offering
• Upon request of the client, break escrow and wire all investment funds into the appropriate account
• Maintain records for a specified period of time at TSG in compliance with FINRA requirement

Consulting Services

Facilitation, Assist and Interface with Regional and local Hospital Administration regarding:
• Structure of the joint venture and business plan
• Governance issues relative to the physicians, if applicable
• Compilation of data required for document production

NOTE:  Attend meetings with Hospital Representatives, as needed

Assistance with Due Diligence Information
• Review information requested from Seller
• Make suggestions, as needed, regarding additional information required
• Assist with compilation of data as received

Review and Assistance with Structure of Documents and Agreements, Including:

• Facility Lease Terms, including corroboration of market cap rates
• Debt Guaranty Agreements (if applicable)
• Limited Partnership or LLC Operating Agreement
• Management Agreement
• Development Agreement
• Private Offering Memorandum Components
• Other Contracts

Review Financial Information Provided by Hospital or Representatives Including:
• Utilization Reports
• Capital Accounts
• Profit and Loss Statements, both historical and pro forma
• Assets and Liabilities

Assistance in Interface with Legal Counsel for Production of Letter of Intent, Purchase/Asset Purchase Agreements and all Supporting Documents
Lead Interface with Legal Counsel for Production of Private Offering Memorandum

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