The Securities Group, LLC, (“TSG”) is a privately held firm, licensed as a Broker/Dealer and member of FINRA, specializing in the development of healthcare related partnerships with physicians and other investors. TSG’s individual principals and representatives have been involved in the ground-up development of the full complement of outpatient healthcare operating company partnerships (hospitals, specialty hospitals, surgery centers, real estate ventures and imaging centers, etc.) for over 20 years.


In addition to investment and syndication services, TSG team members offer over 150 years of combined experience in the development of both healthcare operating companies and real estate operating companies. We have completed the development and start-up operations for more than 100 projects, valued at over $1 Billion during the past 20 years, for private and public companies, as well as individual operators. TSG recognizes that today’s healthcare climate is dynamic and presents many challenges. We believe that our greatest value lies in the depth and breadth of experience of our team members in the combination of development experience for the expanse of healthcare operating companies and syndication experience of both operating companies and real estate projects. Possessing this ability to be flexible and creative in the provision of services allows us to align ourselves with the specific needs of our clients in each unique circumstance and project.

Examples of Development Projects Completed by our team members:
  1. Ambulatory Surgery Centers – single site and hospital/ASC company centers
  2. Specialty Surgical Hospitals
  3. Assisted Living Facilities
  4. Cancer Treatment Centers
  5. Full Modality Imaging Centers

TSG has raised over $400,000,000 in the syndication of 400+ Healthcare Operating Company Projects including whole hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, surgical hospitals, PET Imaging facilities, CATH labs, radiation, chemotherapy and multi-modality imaging centers (under rural exemptions) and Real Estate Investment Projects including medical offices (MOBs), ambulatory surgery centers, whole hospital properties and senior living facilities.

Having registered and conducted private placement offerings in 44 states, TSG and its legal advisors are familiar with the nuances and requirements of almost every state across the US. As a boutique firm, we have the ability to be flexible, responsive and creative in terms of tailoring our specific services to the requirements of our clients for each of their investment projects. With both operating company and real estate project syndications, TSG’s involvement begins at or prior to the time that the Private Offering Memorandum is being developed. We assist the client in confirming project feasibility, providing guidance related to the structure of the investment, the document review process, ensuring FINRA compliance and generally helping to facilitate and streamline the process of presentation to the investor market.

When the documents are complete and the investment process begins, our team members assist in the preparation of investor meeting materials, participate in group kick-off meetings, and facilitate individual meetings with prospective investors in conjunction with the desired members of our client’s team. We remain in the market until the subscriptions and all investment funds are collected, cleared and the offering is closed.


Our expertise allows us to provide a large menu of services designed to meet the individual needs of each client.  For clients considering the development or acquisition of a healthcare operating company, we conduct feasibility studies, determine the interest level from prospective investors, perform due diligence, and define key success indicators.  By outsourcing to TSG, your internal resources are better able to focus on your core business.

These are questions and challenges facing key decision makers:

As a hospital or health system, are you contemplating a development and/or joint venture with physicians in your community?

Are you uncertain about the ventures purported profitability due to competition in the market?

Have you generated enough momentum and garnered sufficient interest from supportive investors?

Do you understand the investment requirements and other factors?

Are your team members overextended developing new projects or operating existing projects?

Are you missing opportunities because you must choose between pursuing projects which could expand and enhance market penetration versus maintaining focus on your core business?

TSG helps you leverage your assets, augment your development team and grow your business without risk to your current initiatives.

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